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What's New Johnnie?

On the Road

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Johnnie has accomplished a lot in only 20 months.

Take a look at his most recent achievements!

*The Ronald McDonald House Charities in St. Louis has opened a "Family Room" in St. John's Mercy Medical, where younger patients and their families can relax while a loved one is in the hospital. Ronald McDonald House has given Thumbs Up Johnnie the opportunity to reach out to the community by adding a "Thumbs Up Johnnie Corner" to the "Family Room." This room will be stocked with Thumbs Up Johnnie coloring pages, crayons, Johnnie Finds A Buddy books and plush toys to provide fun activities for children.

*Bikers for Babies will "rev up" on Sunday, September 25 at the Family Arena to support the March of Dimes. Thumbs Up Johnnie will be attending the event and doing a fundraiser with Thumbs Up Johnnie Adventure Packs while a portion of the proceeds will be donated to March of Dimes.

*Speaking of great organizations, the Girl Scouts Council held an outstanding Urban Camp-In event on Saturday, August 27. Sharon Tucci and myself co-chaired the event. Deb Peterson's column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentioned the Girl Scouts event, Sharon, Thumbs Up Johnnie’s participation and mine.

*October is going to be a very busy month as the color version of Johnnie Finds A Buddy enters Sam's Clubs and Johnnie & I will be touring Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Missouri. Similar to last year's "out of the trunk tour" (just like Aerosmith - the early days ... tee hee). I will be signing books in Sam's Club while Johnnie meets and greets his loyal fans and happy readers!

*However, the touring is not just taking place in Sam's Club. The St. Louis County Libraries have invited Johnnie & I to read to seven local libraries throughout the month of September. A listing of all of the readings is attached.

*Wal-Mart Canada just ordered 10,000 Johnnie book/ plush toy units that will hit the shelves just in time for the holiday season. The toy and book will be displayed in an attractive box set.

*Educating and entertaining children is the goal of the Missouri Governor's Council on Health and Fitness. The Adventures of the Body Walk, featuring Thumbs Up Johnnie, was recently completed. Fifty Thousand books are in print & are being distributed to elementary schools throughout Missouri. The "Body Walk" is a statewide program that teaches elementary children about the human body such as the brain, heart, muscles & lungs along with education around nutrition. Johnnie was honored by being named the children's state icon for the "Body Walk." Pictures of the Adventures of the Body Walk are attached.

*We have very exciting news about Thumbs Up Johnnie! The renowned Dupree Miller & Associates has taken us under its wing. Michael Broussard will be looking for the avenue to make us a New York Times Best Seller. He's our Ambassador to the Literary World. Dupree Miller also represents clients such as Dr. Phil, Ty Pennington and Nicole Richie just to name a few. This partnership has Johnnie dancin' in his cowboy boots!!

*After a fun trip to Los Angeles, Johnnie has the pleasure to announce that he and his "posse" are in the process of being animated by Renegade Animation. This animation company has perfected such works as Chester Cheetah, NIKE Aerospace Jordan and Carl's Jr. commercials. Visit the website at to see more about Renegade Animation.

*Promo Magazine's, Amy Johannes wrote an article in the August Issue which writes about Johnnie's marketing platform. This issue is available now and the article from Promo is attached to this email.

Johnnie was also mentioned in the June issue of Playthings magazine, written by Tina Benitez, about how our message is "simple is classic" and that "Events tied to the book topics are also a good way for retailers interested in hitching a ride on this Thumbs Up marketing bandwagon ." Wow, what an endorsement!

*Last but certainly not least, Thumbs Up Johnnie's relationship with renowned Build-A-Bear Workshops has gone to the next level. The Johnnie plush toy now has a companion. That's right, Lillian Pinky has arrived. See attached photos of our new addition.

Giddy-Up 'n Go - Michelle & Johnnie

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