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02/25/2009 - Johnnie makes his debut!

Lights, camera, action...

Thumbs Up Johnnie has made his official debut in New York City in his first animated feature. While in the Big Apple, Michelle, Jennifer and Johnnie met with executives at PBS, Sprout, Comcast, Discovery Kids, CBC and KidsCo. Our "audience" had a very positive reaction to our 45 second animated trailer debuting our new Thumbs Up Johnnie theme song...stay tuned for additional programming details on a station near you!

Thumbs Up Johnnie would like to share his new "media platform" with you. As one of Johnnie's fans you get to see the exclusive premier of our animated trailer.

Ta daaa... Simply click on the Happy Drive-In sign and follow the popcorn to see Johnnie's debut.

"We're talkin' thumbs up, boots down, saddle up and head to town and horse around with Thumbs Up Johnnie..."

Now you too can horse around with Thumbs Up Johnnie.

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