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Johnnie shares his adventures with the children of Guyana, South America.

Dear Friends,

I received this email and was compelled to share it with you. This has been one of the most treasured moments in Johnnie's history, knowing that these children, for the first time, get to own their own book and it happens to be a Thumbs Up Johnnie book! This email also affirmed my belief that a little effort and love can be felt in the farthest corners of the world. It is such an unbelievable undertaking that the Wings of Hope project does. I am so glad that we were able to donate them - that was the easy part. We were grateful to have such dutiful people deliver them under such difficult conditions.

I was just so pleased to see such beautiful little faces grasping my Johnnie book. Our act of giving these books was nothing compared to the gift that these photos are to me and Johnnie and the thought of kiddos reading our book in Guyana before they go to bed tonight! I hope you enjoy the email. It really touched my heart.

Thanks for letting me share this with you! :-)


Dear Michelle,

First, let me tell you that the children were so VERY delighted to get your books.

After traveling overseas, to get to us (in Guyana) the books were loaded into a pick-up truck and driven 16 hours overnight to our base in Region 9. Volunteers would get up around 5 AM while the weather was cool and follow the bike paths to deliver the books to the villages that could be reached by a Polaris land vehicle.

For the villages that could not be reached by the Polaris, the books were delivered as the calls came in for medical evacuations. Because they could radio ahead, in almost all situations, the entire school and the Headmaster came to greet the Wings of Hope plane and accept the books. Volunteers marveled at the joy the books brought to the children. The Headmasters were so very appreciative, as were the Education and Regional Officials of Region 9.

Thank you again for your generosity. I can assure you, it is not forgotten, and your books HAVE BEEN READ and ARE BEING READ in this remote region of the world. Your wish 'I want my books read around the world' has come true in Guyana...

Kindest regards,
Judi, Wings of Hope

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