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Adventures with Smokey Yuckpak

When a visitor confronts the members of the Happy Hoopsters basketball team, offering them cigarettes, the gang has to set Smokey Yuckpak straight on the dangers of smoking. Smokey’s ideas about the habit are way off base, and Johnnie, Dr. Von Wheezles, Li’l Pinky and the gang spell out the dangers of harmful chemicals, breathing problems, yellow teeth and bad breath, diseases and more. The facts help Smokey see through all that smoke and information to change his ways.

Your class can benefit from the lessons and tips in this book by taking the pre-test, reading the book and then retaking the test to assess what the class has learned. An active Smoking Awareness campaign introduced at early ages can enlighten youngsters as to the damage the habit can cause and its impact on physical health, mental health, society and the economy, with the hope of reducing the urge to smoke later in life.

Download the Book (PDF)

Download the Pre Test (PDF)

Download the Post Test (PDF)

Coloring Pages

Don't forget the Smokey coloring pages for your students!


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1. Smoking only hurts smokers. TRUE / FALSE

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2. Cigarettes contain many chemicals. TRUE / FALSE

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3. Smoking is a good way to clean your teeth and breath. TRUE / FALSE

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4. It costs a lot of money to smoke. TRUE / FALSE

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5. Once you start smoking, you can never quit. TRUE / FALSE

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