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Our most exciting and recent partnership is with Centene Corporation, where Thumbs Up Johnnie explores aspects of health and wellness with the SUPER CENTEAM 5! In Thumbs Up Johnnie’s Adventure Through Fitropolis, Johnnie meets characters who teach him about nutrition, exercise, water intake, healthy snacking and managing choices at fast food establishments.

Part of our Thumbs Up Johnnie community outreach program is to visit schools and organizations across the United States and help students get excited about reading and Johnnie’s special adventures. In the past five years Thumbs Up Johnnie and Michelle Bain, creator of “The Adventure’s of Thumbs Up Johnnie™” book series, have read to over 120,000 children in more than twenty states.

Download the Book (PDF)

Download the Test (PDF)

Coloring Pages

Don't forget the CENTEAM coloring pages for your students!

SUPER CENTEAM 5 Test Results

As an additional incentive for your classroom participation, the program is offering a set of 3 Thumbs Up Johnnie books for submitting your class's pre and post test scores! Complete the fields below with your contact information and classroom aggregate scores to receive these incentives in a few short weeks.

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For each question, add up the number of correct and incorrect answers for all students. Enter the totals for each question in the fields below.

1. How many healthy meals a day is it best to eat?

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2. Circle three foods that would be the most healthy snacks.

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3. Circle three of the healthiest drinks.

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4. When you dine at a fast food restaurant, is it better to eat?

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5. Circle three things you can use to exercise.

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