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The Characterrific Crew

Let me introduce you to the Characterrific Crew! They are all great pals and live together in Happy, Texas!

Thumbs Up JohnnieTM

Thumbs Up Johnnie owns The Longhorn Diner, where all the cowboys and "cowgirlies" gather for the best flapjacks in Happy, Texas. Thumbs Up Johnnie always has his "hands full" flippin' those flapjacks, pourin' milk and coffee, or as he likes to call it "a cup of "joe!"

Thumbs Up Johnnie loves owning a business, enjoys saving his money every day and has fun playing with his horse Buddy. Johnnie is friendly and always has something kind to say to his friends!

Lillian Pinky TM

At the Rumblin' Tummy Bakery is where you'll find Lillian Pinky. You can always find the best baked goodies. L'il Pinky loves to share her nibbles of cookies and cakes with any of the "Happy" visitors that pop in for a sweet treat!

Lillian Pinky is a dedicated business owner who always greets her visitors with a warm smile and a warm cookie. She loves team work and enjoys being a helping friend. In her spare time, Lillian also loves spending time with Thumbs Up Johnnie's horse and feeding him snacks from her bakery.

Buddy TM

Buddy is Thumbs Up Johnnie's faithful and loving horse. Lillian Pinky and Johnnie took a trip to Tumbleweed Ranch in Spur, Texas to visit her uncle, Bronco Bob. He has a stable full of beautiful and well cared for horses. Buddy has a sister named Gracie and his best "horse" friend is Peso, a Hispanic horse.

Buddy is strong and smart. He loves greeting Thumbs Up Johnnie's customers at the Long Horn Diner and playing in Blue Bonnet Pasture.

Banker Bill TM

Lucky Horseshoe Bank is owned by Banker Bill. He enjoys helping the citizens of Happy learn about money…wrangling it, saving it and spending it wisely.

Banker Bill enjoys being a part of Lone Star Row in Happy, Texas, "silver dollar" flapjacks at Thumbs Up Johnnie's Diner. and having savings celebrations at the bank for his customers. Bill always says; "Try saving…if you have change, it makes cents!" TM

Dimestore Sam TM

Dime Store Sam has all the fun stuff! Thumbs Up Johnnie bought his glow in the dark yo-yo, his favorite kite and his lucky lasso from Dime Store Sam's. Dime Store Sam thinks everyone needs to practice to be good at playing and encourages all of his friends in Happy to play outside in the fresh air everyday!

Dime Store Sam enjoys teaching his customers about how toys work, what they are made of and who invented them. He loves to teach kids how to make their own fun and share it with others!

Hi Five Handy TM

Hi Five Handy's tool and farm supply store is where all of the smilin' citizens of Happy get hammers and gadgets and stuff to fix up their homes and ranches.

Hi Five Handy enjoys teaching kids how to build things, where the materials come from and how to use recycled materials. He teaches "Raise the Roof" classes on how to build a fort, tree houses and four leaf clover gardens.

Little Digit TM

Little Digit is Thumbs Up Johnnie's nephew. His parents are Pointer Finger Pete and Lucky Penny and just recently had a baby named BeBe. Little Digit loves to go school, read, ride horses and play out doors.

Dee Livery TM

Dee Livery is Happy, Texas' own friendly mail lady. She loves delivering cards and packages to all of the citizens in town. Dee's favorite thing to do is to "dee-liver" a package to someone on their birthday or special occasion. She says packages and letters always put a smile on her friend's faces!

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